Free MML for Mabinogi

Please be aware that I will no longer update this website, the website was moved to Tumblr for easier customization and features. If you wish to keep being updated on my work find me on Tumblr,

Welcome to ClassicMML

Updated 16/03/2014
Welcome to ClassicMML,

This is a free website for Mabinogi composers, here one may find Music Macro Language (MML) to create Music Score Scrolls using their Composing skill.

First off, we will give you a good warning, most MML codes you will find here are for the higher ranks and are also mostly classic tracks from the 80's to the 90's, with a few from the 2000's.

The website is maintained by tanino of the Alexina server of Mabinogi North America.

The website is currently under building and you will only find a few MMLs up for now, more is to be added.

Thank you for giving us a visit.

Possible Updates:

  • Add more songs to MML Library
  • More Soon...